Black, green or china white, we consume tea as frequently as we drink

water and there are many different choices with more than a thousand

different varieties from more than 30 countries across the world, there is something that fits every taste.

You could spend your whole time discovering new tea tastes and aromas of teas.

Here are some tea varieties found across the globe…

Which is the Tea plant?

Even though black and green teas originate from the same plant which is known as Camellia Sinensis, the difference among them is found in the manner these are picked and handled.

Green tea is withered more simply whereas black tea leaves change color and dry out with processing.

This yields a more powerful aroma and taste with higher caffeine content and also indicates that the tea can be kept for years without losing its taste.

So far, the most favourite tea in the West is “black” tea, which is made from this type.

About Black Tea Names…

Tea names typically come from the region or province that they are cultivated.

The climate, soil, and other natural conditions all have an impact on the flavor, which is a sign that different areas produce teas with special attributes.

Renowned as the homeland of tea, China has been growing and consuming tea for nearly 5 millenniums. 

A large amount of the word’s tea originates from China, although you can still purchase several kinds from S. America, Turkey, India, Africa, and Nepal.

Here are just a few of the commonly known black teas.


The most famous Chinese tea is probably the Lapsang Souchong variety.

This tea is characterized by a scented and smokey taste from pine wood flames for drying the leaves.

Another common tea is Yunnan, which comes from the south-west of China.

It has a robust and creamy flavor and blends nicely with dairy.

Keemun tea yields a rich brown color with a fine nutty note and is made with great care and skill.

The dried leaves are kept in their wholesome form to keep their flavor.

Here, for you an usefull video about 5 types of Black Tea Recipes!


The most popular tea variety in India is Assam, which is robust and full tea with a distinct malty flavor.

This is often drunk for breakfast to wake someone up.

Darjeeling, from the Himalayas, is often labelled as the “champagne” of Indian teas, with a fine and subtle flavor.

Sri Lanka is the birthplace of Ceylon tea, which is famous or its lively and full-spectrum taste.

Due to the special Sri Lanka climate, tea can be cultivated all year round.


Nearly 1/3rd of the world’s tea production now is from Africa and countries like Malawi, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

Kenyan teas are very vibrant and full of color, with a delicious flavor.

Although African tea’s history dates back to the 20th century, the climate settings and technological advancements make African teas a great base for many common tea mixes available in the market.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with new flavors of teas around the world and who knows?

If you love these types of tea, HERE you will find all the back tea varieties around the world!

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