Ceylon tea is a type of black tea that is produced in the privileged region of Sri Lanka,

whose climate and environmental conditions are ideal for growing the tea plant.

Today, tea is the most important base for the economic life of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

The Climate For Ceylon Teas

hot and humid climate of the island is ideal for the cultivation of the tea tree and the collection of tea throughout the year.

Most of the plantations are located in the mountainous regions of the center and the country of the country at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,700 meters above sea level.


And…What About Ceylon Flavor?

Ceylon tea is an exquisite sweet stimulating and tonic drink, with body and strong flavor.

It is a black tea with a high caffeine content.

Ceylon tea is one of the best drinks in the world not only for its flavor but also for the quality of the nutrients it offers.

You can find three varieties of Ceylon Tea such as white tea, green tea and black tea.

This type of tea is always hot and not cold.

To discover in the details the Ceylon Varieities we segguest to visit one the official webs about this Tea! Click HERE

How to recognize a real tea sample

To be able to recognize the Ceylon tea we actually bought, the original must have the logo of a lion.

That means it comes from Sri Lanka

Why it is high demanded?

This infusion is highly valued for its pleasant taste but also for its medicinal qualities.

Its high level of antioxidants helps to reduce:

  • The risk of developing cancer
  • Helps prevent plaque buildup in the mouth
  • Helps reduces the risk of cavities.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks
  • Reduce cholesterol levels

Ceylon Has stimulating qualities for what is indicated with people with symptoms of depression (come on! Real good isn`t?).

The inhabitants of Sri Lanka generally enjoy their pure black tea without milk or sugar.

In this way pure Ceylon is considered especially beneficial for health.

How to prepare Ceylon Tea Correctly

The preparation process requires preheating the teapot first with hot water, before placing the tea leaves inside and pouring the boiling water, with the lid closed, the infusion should rest at least 3 minutes, but if milk will be added it will be hot.

Sri Lanka and Ceylon Tea Culture

Residents drink 3 cups a day for breakfast or at a social gathering in the afternoon,

but even on formal occasions or receiving a guest, you cannot miss a good cup of the national drink.

Each tea ceremony is also an opportunity to present your tea accessories

The quality, materials and details of this accessories as teapot, tray, cups or glasses in some term represent the social status of the family

Finally, the tea ceremony in Sri Lanka is no different from British teatime, as one thing is certain, Ceylon tea has left a cultural and social heritage and seal both in the two countries.

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