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We assume that you are familiar with the old Chinese quote that firewood salt, sauce, rice vinegar, oil and tea are among the 7 necessities to start a day.

Despite tea being the last on the list, we can see how the value that the Chinese perceive in tea.

There are specifically more than 1K Chinese tea types.

Their categorization is based on their method of production, quality, etc.

However, based on quality alone, there are actually 8 types of Chinese tea: black, green, wulong, white, red, yellow, flower, and compressed

Here is a brief description of each tea type:


Green tea is considered to be the most natural kind of Chinese tea.

It is harvested by hand, dried naturally, and fried quickly to remove its grassy/herby smell.

Unlike other kinds of teas, green tea doesn’t go through fermentation.

Based on expert findings, green tea has the highest nutritional and medicinal value and the lowest caffeine levels of all Chinese tea varieties.

The scents of this kind of tea usually range from mild to high while the taste is typically light to mild.

Today, around 50% of China’s total tea production is green tea.


This is kind of Chinese tea is something between black and tea in terms of fermentation as it is partially fermented.

Also known as “Qing Cha”, its leaves are typically a light green shade in the centre and red on the tips as a result of a tea smoothing process.

Oolong tea leaves are basically dried and spread before being subject to fermentation.

Then, they are air-fried, curled, and baked

We have created also a mini guide for Oolong Tea in our site! Keep a look!


The Chinese black tea renders a full-note amber once brewed.

This type is also subject to a withering process and then left to ferment for some time before it’s finally roasted.

The leaves of black teas completely change colour following processing


As the name suggests, this kind of Chinese tea has red leaves and is red in color.

This color is especially vibrant during fermentation.

It is also classified as a mildly flavored rea with a subtle aroma and it’s also split into three sub-types:

  • Kung Fu Red Tea
  • Small Species Red Tea
  • Ted Tea Bits


This Chinese tea type is often classified as a sub-type of green tea.

This may be because of its similar withering and baking process.

Similar to green teas, white tea is not subject to fermentation and has low levels of caffeine.


Evidently, yellow tea bears yellow leaves and is yellow in color.

Based on the opinion of tea experts, these a rare type of Chinese teas.

It yields a subtle and invigorating flavor


This a very special type of Chinese teas. It’s actually split into two sub-classes: flower tea and scented tea.

Flower tea is produced through a simple dried flower process without any extra steps.

The scented variety, though, is a blend of red and green teas with enhanced scent of flowers.

This usually has a mild flavor and medium to robust aroma


The last but not least kind of Chinese tea is the compressed variety.

To make this tea, black tea is used as a base and it’s then compressed into moulds, bricks, cakes and other forms.

This has all the attributes of Black teas and can be stored for several years

The water temperature to prepare a good Oolong tea is not good to prepare white tea!

Here a great video that talk about the most famous tea types!

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I leave here Below the Right Temperature for your cup of T !

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